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http://www.guitarlessons4u.comFree acoustic guitar lessons as well as for electric guitar.Start with free online guitar lessons by email. Then continue learning with the Jamorama guitar course.
D’Addario EJ45 Pro-Arte Nylon Classical Guitar Strings, Normal TensionFrom D’Addario
DJ Hero, Band Hero, and Guitar Hero 5 Announced
In this video clip, guitarist Travis Wommack shares his musical style and guitar technique. The Fastest Guitar Player In The South demonstrates how chicken pickin’ is done with a guitar pick and guitar stuttering is [More]
Remember Guitar Hero? I sure do, I used to be a master at it (like the Guitar God), now i’m just average at it (like the Guitar Fraud). This is a video i’ve wanted to [More] Click for more info and links to the gear featured in this video. Free mp3 drum tracks like those used in my videos at: Facebook – – Check out my youtube [More]

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