? Take Me Home, Country Roads • Easy guitar lesson w/ chords (John Denver)

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In this video I’ll teach you how to play the classic John Denver song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” – using easy chords and easy strumming. This is such a classic song, I wanted to make this lesson to enable as many people to play this song as possible… I hope it helps! I’ll be teaching it in the key of G, no capo (if you want to play along w/ John Denver’s version, use a capo on the 2nd fret or switch to the key of A and use no capo).

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Miguel Arc Angel Jr., Garza says:

Thanks for the first Lesson I loved it it's Gerate I'm sending you a T.M.B.no.Roll+over ,next Lasson ,I'm workin in Leaning Gitar,.Mike.,

Nicolas Ortega. says:

Wonderfull ma dude new sub

Stevie Austen says:

Do you have to pluck it and then strum, or can you just strum twice?

Marshall Glick says:

Sweet hart one horse town

Todd Mcgraw says:

If you don't have a bass voice like you it's best to put a capo on the first or second fret for this song you should let people know that

luch zee says:

thank you for this lesson

Erdogan Essat says:

great lesson thank you so much.

david watson says:

Thanks, great job

Hemantha de silva says:

The teaching techniques that you apply on are nothing but perfect…!!!I love this particular song so so much! Thank you Sir..!

denisobrik says:

The most informative video lesson I had seen!

James Marshall says:

Thanks man!!

steven bloomfield says:

What strumming pattern are you using in the intro, Bec it's different than the one you give us( at least it looks like it )

Isaiah Retzlaff says:

wheres your face friends

Alireza Mahernia says:

the best teacher ever, thank you for such a well explained lessons

Jack Hayes says:

I love that you give us the verse chorus and build up it really helps for writing it down and stuff

Emmanuel Michelo says:

great bro,plz teach me more I jst bought s guitar.



chonben kikon says:

love this song

manu lotu says:

great explanation and presentation. Keep it up bro

Joe Miller says:

Thanks a lot for this video lesson. Good explanation. Grettings from Spain

Bobby Greenhouse says:

Very informative and easy to understand this guy rocks!

Barnaby Tutcher says:

Could this be the first song I learn on guitar ?

J.Jarvis says:

I am a complete newby and I fully understood! This! You’re awesome

Faizan Shamsi says:

Can you do a tutorial of the version Dwight Schrute plays on the office?

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