1$ guitar Vs 1000$ guitar

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Djidjou Kiri says:

Someone plz give the other guy's name ? I really liked him

Jazmin Villanueva says:

Where do you buy the 1$ one????

Namelezz Otaku says:

2019 anyone?

RxsesFxde xox says:

How could they keep straight faces, genuinely questioning life.

Masroor Ahmad says:

See you again is by Charle Puth not Wiz Khalifa.

Difi walker1987 says:

1:37 FADED ❤❤❤

Pravin Shrestha says:


Clement Raka says:

Dayum. Can't believe a guitar that small costs 1000$

Tiodora Tiodorabkljg says:

hohoho,fantastic man ?

Rezaul Karim says:

Wah ….so good

Jorge Gerardo Hernadez Robles says:

Del arifo con la de alanwuarquer

kpop lover says:

ok im trying to keep a straight face with them im lowkey failing without looking constipated

kpop lover says:

damn you can play anything ?

Giovanna Rodrigues says:

Alguém br?
Não sabia que existia guitarra tipo violão

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