10 Cruel Ways to Troll Guitar Center #4

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How to troll Guitar Center? Well, here’s 10 cruel ways to troll rude Guitar Center employees…You get the whole idea 😉

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Paranormal Guitar Channel says:

Thank you so much for your support! It means a lot to me.
Important Note: It always takes me a long, long time to make a new video, especially a good quality video. However, it has never happened yet.

Chowkin says:

still waiting for your ass to fucking smile

Can I Get 1000 Subscribers Without Any Video? says:

Just start playing Stairway to heaven and then switch to Despacito quickly.

x_m1k3y says:

Play starwais to heavan ???

Alp Oran says:

The Layla one really pisses me off

The Murloc Tamer says:

Your like the Guitarist version of SethEverman

RedgiZ_osu says:

I have a funny one.
Search a guitar tutorial on your phone and try learning it but take forever while doing it

The Daily Fortnut says:

How to troll them: go to the actual store…..

ariel Fernandez says:

What song is the solo at 0:24 from?

박진형 says:

Stairway to heaven

Lloyd Bonifide says:

What's the tapping solo played in #3 about the :20 mark? It's not the Dethlok song that was suggested.

Avram Z says:

Whats metallicas song is?I cant remember anything

30 days of Rain says:

Detune, leave, repeat.

wayne brown says:

Dude you must hate guitar center

I am me says:

heeps playing holiday in cambodia ( just the part before the lyrics)

Sad Plague doctor says:

Perfectly do a riff and at the last bit mess up one string. Oops! Looks like you have to do it again. And again. And again.

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