10 really cool guitar tricks/noises

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The Flirty Whistle – slide your finger up and down the high e string quickly

The Elephant – turn the volume on the guitar down, then hit the 5th fret (G string) natural harmonic, then the 7th fret (B string) natural harmonic, then as you turn up the volume on the guitar raise the whammy bar and bomb it down

Bad Horsie – works best with 3rd and 5th fret G string harmonics, then go ape shit on the whammy bar

The tap/slide – as you tap the note, run your finger up the fretboard and repeat if desired

The shrieking Eels – Put on a shit ton of reverb, and slowly pick scrape the high e string

Natural Harmonics – gently rest your finger over the fret and pluck it. (works best with 5th, 7th, and 12th frets)

Scratching the Taint – pluck all the strings behind the nut

Tap Harmonics – tap an octave up of whatever frets your hand is on (i.e. playing 5th fret, tap 17th fret)

Palm Harmonics – (this one is a little tricky), as you release the tapped note, use your palm to trigger the harmonic (as you would a standard pinch harmonic) by gently grazing the string right after the tap is released.

Bending the Taint – bend the string behind the nut (individual results may vary)

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Fester Vain says:

Rip neighbor

Wan S says:

I do bad horsie one night straight. seriously my neighbour think I'm really crazy cowboy haha

Cryptic Sk says:

How do u do the riff that went along with the bad horsie

Fuck You says:

1:40 anyone else love his durpy face

Chelsee Elaine says:

Dance Gavin Dance? What a bunch of twats. No wonder you are such a douchebag. Ya kno?

crazy gavin320 says:

You know how to rock man

NinjaZ_ Sensei says:

We’re do I get that tone

One Slash Boi says:

Wat abt feedback?

Landon Rice says:

Bending the taint sounds like the wind got knocked out of you

music cliche says:

I'm really sick of bunch of tallented musicians doing their cover almost the same showing off their tallents and bragging their gears but this one makes difference. Its a combination of humor and self awareness that musicians could relate.

Um UrGrannyTranny says:

fucking GOAT!!

jackson randy rhoads says:

Thank you, man

That One Annoying Pub Player says:

The elephant sounds like a biohazard alarm.

Cool tricks.

x Deicide says:

Very impressive but can you alter the sound of your guitar with a fart?

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