12. Trivium – Dying in Your Arms Ultimate Guitar Remix

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Full screen! Crank the volume!
My 12th vid! (originally filmed Dec 26, 2008)

Doing a little time travelling to end this year’s crop of videos!

I originally filmed the rhythm part of this videos shortly after posting my second video here on youtube (near the end of Jan 08)and didn’t have the skills at the time to do anything that I wanted to try in this song. Now I’m a bit better, so now, almost 10 months later, I’ve added the lead guitar. Lol, I get to play a song with my younger, more inexperienced, more facially hairy self!

I tried to put a little bit of everything I’ve learned this year in this video, so its got sweep, economy, tremelo, and alternate picking, harmonies, tapping, wide vibrato, harmonics, call and response, you name it! Compare it to some of my earlier vids (they’re all numbered) to see progress! Horns!


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