12-Year-Old Kid Destroys Opponents in Guitar Shred-Off

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At Welcome to Rockville, a kid smoked two other guitarists at Loudwire’s Gear Factor shred-off.

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Jeffrey Osborne says:

The first and only rule of judging by crowd response. The last contestant announced will always win

CriticalElixir says:

am I supposed2 not like th4th guy better?

Worlds best guitarist?

Devon Levy: Your guitar playing is garbage."

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      The guitar was too much power 4me and also, I only took it up TO BEAT LUCIFER. So, your missing the point by insulting that hologram. And your making yourself look awfully dumb. 


     Without me, the spark plug,  music engine  is dead. 

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   Yea. Stick that in your ear smart guy. 


              "Come back &argue with that."

  I win. 


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   TRYING TO PLAY ERUPTION (name of this song I wrote)


   Song I named  Creator Speaks 


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Steve glover says:

The first guy showed he at least had studied some techniques, ie a blues feel. The other two were 'guitar shop specials'. Any guitar shop in any place on Earth have these dudes… Players with real skills balance the histrionics with feeling. A bit like a cook, or a chef who can follow a set recipe, with all the same ingredients, tho one cooks the better tasting meal. This was interesting, tho I'm not gonna be chasing up this sort of video. It would be great, on a timeline to see what each guitarist is playing in ten years from now. S.

Crimson Virtuoso says:

I think the first one should be the winner

Sugar Shane says:

None of them are that great but the first guy had some actual blues feel.

Potted Plant says:

I honestly think he did do the best than the rest, I wasn't even paying attention to the people and more of just the playing and I think he did the best

1000 π says:

Guitar bros (not a good term btw) are akin to dudebros of EDM
Fuck off

Θοδωρής Μετζέλος says:

…stupidity at its best!!

Make America racist again says:

These comments are cancer yes this kid played some parts over again but I think there's nothing wrong with that if it sounds good the first guy was ok the second played fast but it sounded bad I think the kid deserved it don't be so mean man.

Isaac Honner says:

Stevie t would beat all of these people

Kenny_Main24 /7 says:

It sounded like a different version of eruption. For a 12 year old it was really good but want great

Harry Gaul says:

Guitar shredders like shredding paper – it's noisy and sucks.
Guitar players – you can distinctly hear every note crystal clear without all that over the top harmonic trash.

Josef Williams says:

He literally just tremolo picked on one string. How did he destroy anyone?

Baby Shark says:


Dude on Dope says:

"destroys" is way too much of an overstatement
They sound like shit mate, like really.

Mr Explosion says:

The judges are stupid, the bald guy should've won.

TheStealth Phantom says:

THE DOO : hold my beer.

BJ McCoy says:

I gotta say the first kid wasn't bad at all. 2nd kid. Tried to win. 3rd kid is a kid and won.

Jared Hummel says:

guitar also wasn’t tuned they said??‍♂️

Meandloislane says:

The first guy was the best.

Daywinland says:

The kid just played fast. No inspiration, no felling

ExileStriker says:

Try your best kid, but right now you sound like garbage

The Dude says:

The kid was clearly better than the other 2 players. The others lacked the kids energy and style.

Asstronut says:

Bs the only person with any skill was the first.

GREG LEE says:

This is exactly what is wrong with music/religion/politics/America… identity vs knowledge. d. This was not a contest. It was a coronation for the 12 year old. No disrespect to the kid or any of the competitors, they were all good guitar players, but #1 was clearly a musician. MTV proved musicians will always lose to packaging.

Paul McDonagh says:

Showcasing a newpedal…

Sounds like fucking garbage….

Shit playing…


Josh W says:

This fucking sucked

Internet Explorer says:

Rolando mora?

Judith Lantz says:

Playing fast triplets with no feeling or musical value wins!

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