2. Three Days Grace – Pain Ultimate Guitar Remix

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Full screen this and crank the volume!
My 2nd vid (originally filmed Jan 29, 2008)

In celebration of my 8th month playing guitar, I decided to cover a song, but I wanted to make the song my own and at the same time use many of the skills I’ve learned. So here goes! This remix has everything! Squeals, bends, blues, harmonic minor, a touch of shred and some fun metal riffage. Plus, the section right before the bridge is completely improvised! I know I sound gushy, but hey, it was fun as hell to play my own creation! And to top it all off, all of the sound editing and video work were done my myself using Audacity (for sound) and Windows Movie Maker (for video). It’s cool cuz being self sufficient means that even if guitaring doesnt work out, I’ve got a future as a sound engineer ;P If any of you newer guitar players out there want to know how to use simple programs to make music videos like this, just message me, I’ll be glad to help! Horns baby!

(Dude! what keeps getting me is halfway through the bridge when both guitars are doing squeals and going in and out of each others melodies, that mess gets me AMPED!!!

Fun fact: At about 2:44 in BOTH videos I scratch my face during the break, I didn’t plan that… lol


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