5 EASY Guitar Tricks! – Expand Your Creativity!

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Need some some creative inspiration? Check out 5 of my favourite unique guitar techniques!
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tawfik badawi says:

I'm really glad I subscribed and didn't miss that video. Thanks a lot

Traveling Hobo says:

I’ve always wanted to skip adverts about always wanting to learn the guitar. Lol

Silverbirdmusic1 says:

Cool Video! I like it 🙂

Caleb Rice says:

Is putting a microphone in front of the amp a good thing? What is the reason behind this?

Count Blue says:

I am going through all your tutorials and its pretty rewarding.

roy narces jimenez garcia says:

Greate Darrell

Javier Garcia says:

At last i see how to make the harmonic touch thanks

Tyler88Durden says:

Brilliant vid … thanks

Douglas Marcel de Moraes says:

Number 5 is amazing, I've never seen before!

Liberochi The thid says:

Thanks man for some new creative playing techniques!!

Just Another Gay Person says:

I NEEDED THIS THANK YOU (And btw this might be a dumb question, but do you need effects or can you just do it without? I don't have effect pedals yet.)

Khurshida Shila says:

blv me, I m reliably glad,thnx.
no. 1,2,5 was my fbrt.

sleepy55 says:

I like Nr. 1.

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