5 Guitar Tricks In Under 5 Minutes!

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My 5 Favorite Guitar Hacks in Under 5 Minutes!

Each one of these techniques are things that I use daily that revolutionized my guitar playing when I learned them! Each one will take you one step further away from a beginner guitarist towards an intermediate or expert guitarist! Some of these guitar tricks are more simple than others, but all provide extreme value for those wanting to really get comfortable and skilled with a guitar! Let me know what your favorite trick that you like to use when playing guitar is!! 🙂

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my hands are to small to use my own thumb lmao

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Que lindo tu Eres???❤❤

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Que lindo tu eres?

Blaine Lahart says:

Painful to listen to

Julia Gulia says:

You are cute?

Ajitha JK says:

Why do i break my strings while tuning? I want guitar hacks on tuning!

Happy L9 says:

Saw your comment on guccie gang

Harshita Sharma says:

hmm…man cool tricks??

Z Z says:

I always wanted to try to play the guitar. Is playing the guitar hard and how long did it take you to play the guitar. Also I subbed:)

The Groovy Guitar Dude says:

What is your favorite guitar trick that revolutionized your playing?? 🙂

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