5 of the Most Beautiful Songs in the World – Fingerstyle Guitar

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Here are 5 of what I believe are some of the most beautiful songs in the world!
Listen on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2BKWPGe
▼ Guitar TABS Below▼

All Songs: https://mnot.es/2AsRu5P
To Build a Home: https://mnot.es/2AvZXFd
River Flows in You: https://mnot.es/2AsmNNS
Where Is My Mind?: https://mnot.es/2ArY64e
Porz Goret: https://mnot.es/2AuIP2A
Mad World: https://mnot.es/2AuZx22

Song List & Timestamps
To Build a Home – 0:00
River Flows in You – 2:17
Where is my Mind? – 4:10
Porz Goret – 6:06
Mad World – 7:39


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Prabhash Bachhuwan says:

Thank you for this video. Please publish the next part.

Donald Savage says:

real nice…!

Whatsername says:

You should have played the “up” song. That song is so beautiful on guitar

Ajn Subb says:

Andy McKee – Rylynn should definitively be considered.

JordanJo says:

Nuvole Bianche is the most beatiful song on earth❤️

SiRe Hybrid says:

Fair enough I’m gonna try and learn these for a laugh let’s see how this turns out

Mikkel Drivenes says:

Spanish romance is also beatifull

Kathryn Feltner says:

What is the name of the first song?

Wolf says:

Great, but I hate detuning: pulled of the first one in standard because I loved it. Compensated bass parts

Monique Brown says:

I could listen to the whole of to build a home all the time, one of my favored

crazy video says:

i think i can play that song also if i had guts

ralph linaban says:

Please make a tutorial
River Flows In You Fingerstyle

Joel Mlavi says:

River flow in you, is th most greit playin, wish to play same way.

Sarah Choi says:

River flows in you will never sound as good on another instrument than it does on a piano

NotAGod - says:

man if only i could play regular guitar pretty well so i could start trying to learn fingerstyle

Ixactl says:

my grandfather passed a year ago and where is my mind was a really prevalant song at that time, so every time i hear it it reminds me of him, and this rendition really brought it home for me, thank you.

No1 _n0More says:

What about 'Slow Cheetah' by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers?

Welcome to hell says:

How to achieve the echo effect on recording ?

Amirah Razali says:

Where is my mind is so fucking beautiful

King Yurt says:

Where can I find a tutorial for to build a home

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