5 popular notions which are erroneous and hollow (2) about practice in flamenco guitar/ Ruben Diaz CFG Spain Learning Flamenco Guitar Online best method Skype Paco de Lucia´s Technique Contemporary guitar CFG Malaga

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Fun is to Practice Technique http://youtu.be/Xd-DHcPR_bc?t=14s
Leaning flamenco guitar online http://youtu.be/x7ILWX3nT-I?t=14s
Do it yourself…and be confused forever http://youtu.be/ThJmDE6fA9c?t=14s

Paco Vs Traditional http://www.rdiaz.org/rdvideo1330.html

*Ex.1/ 00:14 solo 1
Ex.2/ 01:31 solo 2 (N)
Ex.3/ 12:55
Ex.4/ 03:25 answer for the magazine



YouTube Channel on Paco de Lucia´s Technique Style


5 popular notions which are erroneous (2) about practice in flamenco guitar http://youtu.be/4opNU8bDNoA?t=14s

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