5 Shapes of Major Scale and Modes

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want to learn the modes? you should know how to play the major scale up and down the whole neck.



Juan P. Hernández says:

and the modes?

backroadjunkie says:

How long did it take you to memorize all of this?

Po Po says:

You didn't explain how to play all the modes using the 5 shapes. You just played Ionian up an down the neck.

Sunny Ray says:

Very helpful! Thanks Marty!!

Bob McLachlan says:

Hey Marty have you done a lesson on how by playing those same notes you can play all of the modes like E to E would Minor, A to A, or D to D etc. I'm already getting dizzy

Dynamo says:

memorized 2 at least 🙂

Rattlesnake Rx says:

Can I play every major or minor scale starting on the 5th string?

azim washington says:

you're the man marty

dev ram says:

There are seven notes so ehy he is playing extra notes..i am beginer pls explain(in first shape of gmaj scale).

Dan Boylan says:

I’m starting to look at your channel as a secret weapon before improvisation jams and gigs lol

Jibin Jacob says:

When you play second position. How we know it's G major. ?

Hazem Albanna says:

always awesome content

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