5 Things You Didn’t Know About Guitar Center

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Jack Curtis says:

yes they suck



Valion says:

I don't do business with Guitar Center anymore.

airgunplanet says:

They also own Rouge brand.
I find the website prices on MF cheaper than GC.

Sixfoursoul says:

Can't stand Guitar Center but I do kind of like it because I get to go in there and test out all their stuff make the manager open the pedal case get about 25 different pedals not buy a damn thing then when I get home I buy it online for cheaper and no tax.. in the rare case that I do buy something I make sure I returned it on the 44th day..

rippindrummer666 says:

Typical guitar center customer work history

-McDonald’s worker
-Porn theatre floor cum cleaner upper
-55 year old blues dad cover band guitarist
-ex convict roadside trash picker upper
-child touching dj at kids birthday parties

Joe Sycamore says:

Alien Predators, love it

Lou says:

#6 – Their employees usually aren't available to help you out because they're too busy noodling on the guitars, messing with their cell phones, or chatting with one another. Oh wait, I already knew that.

Abstract Peter Griffin says:

6: It sucks. Support your local stores if you have them

Mowac says:

They expect you to just hand over your shit you are trying to sell them and rip you off.

Mike Hamilton says:

they are Overpriced

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