5 Tips On Practicing Scales

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Try these guitar scale practice tips!
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Tony gives you 5 tips on maximizing your scale practice on Acoustic Guitar!


Burytook says:

This helped me out a lot, never thought about just assigning the fingers instead of the frets

Jim Brindley says:

Great lessons but please slow down!

Darius Pap says:

Hitting chords tehnique leson is important. For me, for example, is imposibil to understand when somone playing guitar, how can hit only two or three chords instead all of them!!, That's why i think finger-style is more accurate

Tigris Euphrates says:

If Jonathan Davis played guitar n ate healthy….^

Arnab Mondal says:

He looks like young Gilmour

Arend Estes says:

That was awesome. Very helpful.

3goallead says:

I think this is the quantum leap I've been looking for. Eureka, nirvana, some musicality to an otherwise mundane exercise, thanks.

steve mingle says:

I'm not sure if I know how to sign up for your lessons, could you explain it please! Thank you so much, I love watching your clips, I've been playing about one year and I'm loving it.

Richard May says:

Great stuff. Brilliantly explained.

Richard Bowlin says:

I really need a guitar

Noartist says:

ahh scales. No beginner wants to learn them but so critical to understanding guitar and playing anything really besides chords. When it comes to scales, i think one thing i like to stress when teaching is yes, forget the notes being played at the beginning, focus on the shape of the scale pattern, but also, perhaps even more important get familiar with how the scales sound in your head. Shapes of the scale patterns can change depending on location of the tonic note but when you know how the scale sounds you figure out the pattern shapes pretty easily without a diagram.
Also a great way i find to practice them is to play the first octave starting from 6th string of the scale ascending and descending and keep adding in one note at a time of the second octave while ascending in descending until you have ran through both octaves. Also, using language beginners can understand i find is very important, for example when asked to explain the concept of scale modes, using the Cmajor scale for example, i would first introduce the Dorian mode as going from Re to Re in the major scale rather than the D to D notes of the C major scale so without even having to understand a guitar scale or have a guitar in hand, they can understand the concept of modes, assuming almost all of us learned do, re me… in grade school.

Hesper Jones says:

Thank you. Great lesson. ??

antairpusided says:

You gave me a new life … m/

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