7 Fun, Quick & Easy Guitar Tricks

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Today we’re looking at a couple relatively easy to implement musical tricks.

Individual Tips:
1. Shifting Pentatonic Inversions 00:23
2. The Hendrix Barre Chord 01:55
3. Minor Third/Double Bend 03:15
4. Dave Matthews Chords 04:09
5. Open String E Minor Pentatonics 05:29
6. Moving Open Chords 06:28
7. Right Hand Embellishments 07:38
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Schiza says:

Those Dave Matthews chords are incredible.

Austin Beaty says:

5:07 I've been using that

Jesus Christ says:

That Hendrix “barre chord” had been done for years by blues and rnb artists before him

Nikhil Joseph says:

You are..the best guitar teacher ever and nothing less

Carl Jao says:

Very informative thanks bro, keep it up

Will says:

06:50 note to self

Angelo_Czar says:

What gauge of strings do you use?

Nic Burrows says:

Very nice. Very useful. A good start to my "less diddling about, be more constructive and LEARN more" in 2019.

S D says:

Dylan did the Jimi Barre before Jimi, and lots did it before Dylan.

John Timmins says:

I really enjoy your videos. This one is my favorite. Thank you!

Sukhbir Sekhon says:

Pure shimmery goodness.

Nico Valenciano says:

Dave Matthews – EDEN uses those chord shapes though

Shane Wright says:

Jeff Beck did the thumb based barre chord back in his Yardbirds days, so probably predates Hendrix.

Miguel Angel Carrillo says:

I knew the shapes of Dave Matthews chords in the song of sigur ros – gobbledigook

Kris With a K says:

Great video! Very helpful, different, and fun stuff here.

Euan Clements says:

Hey juat wanted to say the dave mathews chords are also used by qotsa in the song villains. Definitely worth a listen. Thanks for all the great ideas and techniques keep up the great videos.

Smellavision says:

Playing bar chords thumb/Hendrix style has always been way more difficult for me. For about 20 years now. I hate when people say this is easier, but for a lot of people it seems to be.

buttnutzzz jones says:

e Major up 1 fret is a Fmaj7#11/E. the switch between the 2 sounds killer

Yeet my Meat says:

Idk maybe I'm lucky but bar cords come easy for me


They did surgery on a guitar

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