7 More Types of People at Guitar Center – ?

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Y’all had more suggestions for people at Guitar Center that we had to do 7 more types of people at Guitar Center! Subscribe!→ http://bit.ly/subscriberkvc

Big thanks to Professor Puppet, Switch McGee, Titus Mede, Michael Best, Kamek Koopa, Mustang 501000, James and George from NJ for suggesting 7 more types of people at Guitar Center! Everyone from the jazz guy to the serial returner to the anxious one and dreamer was suggested and depicted here! The first video “7 Types of People at Guitar Center” hit a common bond between many of our commenters, so we wanted to throw another one out! This list of 7 more types of people at Guitar Center don’t even include the employees! Should they be included amongst the people at Guitar Center and its now 14 types? Leave a comment below and let us know what you’ve observed in the people at Guitar Center (or if you are one of them)!

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Gary Griffin says:

New band name for you:
Douchebag Express

Mortuus Rationem says:

I'm the older guy that actually has money to spend but gets ignored because GC employees are having to babysit the idiots getting their booger stained fingers all over the new equipment.


I don’t care for G C the one in Roch NY is not a good store … ?

E Park says:

Here's one for you: the "Houdini." They're the friend/bandmate who plays keys or drums or something, who immediately disappears into their own department while you try out guitars, and you eventually have to page over the PA to find them again.

I'm an incorrigible "Houdini"…


Mannn I thought this was gonna be funny

Carson Earnest says:

How about the beginner who picks up a $3000 les paul

soup of the day says:

I just realized that people that makes these videos are judgmental arrogant people. Wow. Just let people be people shit man every situation and Person is different .. again. All your doing is judging and basically making fun of new musicians. Making then even more shy and self conscious. Fuck you guys. . YOU ARE THE IDIOTS!!!!

Mason Mead says:

I was at the guitar center in Omaha and I saw a 3 year old smack a $2,000 Gibson Les Paul and it fell of the wall and hit the floor, don’t know if it broke, but it sounded bad

Terrance Fields says:

You forgot the Saturday morning thumb slapping bass wars with at least five Kids trying out Bass's on new Acoustic 370's and Amps SVT's. I was DJ so Fri and Sat night till 4am. I was a floating Salesman at the Chicago South Side Store the first Mainland Satellite Store because I was one of those "know it all's" that grew up in the Industry.. To this day I have never heard so many kids slapping the Store into a cacophony of Bass Guitar Wars every Saturday morning..

Jeanette-and-Ernie-at The-ArtFull-Boutique says:

Mediocre Demigods!!!!!?????

Phillip Riggins says:

Good video, thanks for posting this video.

I play the guitar and I've got lots of videos of Guitar lessons on my YouTube channel.

I subscribed to your YouTube channel just now.  Please subscribe to mine.

I'm losing the monetization on my YouTube channel because they changed the rules.
As you know, the YouTube Partner Program is kicking out the small time creators  like me.

I made okay money from the ads on my videos at first but over the last few years it definitely started declining.  I'm upset about losing the partner Tools and just the whole thing .
It's not the end of the world, but I hate starting off the new year with bad news like this. 

I need subscribers to stay in the program.  
  Please help me get more subscribers to my YouTube channel. Thanks!

Mike Miller says:

The guy that doesn't work there, but hangs out all day, asking questions, and answering customer's questions, as if he does work there. Extra helpful

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