8 Cruel Ways to Troll Rude Guitar Center Employees

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How to troll Guitar Center? Well, here’s 8 cruel ways to troll rude Guitar Center employees…You get the whole idea 😉
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Paranormal Guitar Channel says:

Here's the next episode of this series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3P0p7bxfXI

shukuflen :3 says:

Llegue porque pense que era jaime altozano

Whxte _ Fog says:

Da song name

Whxte _ Fog says:

Wat was dat blues one

HurpMcDurp says:

They are assholes though! Just went to buy a guitar a few weeks back and I genuinely went into a guitar center asking for help. I literally got "idontknow" for several answers. I was a bit over analytical but I was also ready to drop 450$ on a guitar…what a joke guitar center was. I went to a private big shop an hour south. More selection than GC. I left that shop with a awesome LTD EC-200QM in red.

Brain Mind says:

I've never had a problem with Guitar Center employees. It's the smaller music stores where they're more protective of their gear where I run into issues.

backwardsuser - says:

i don’t even play guitar and i am moderately to severely uncomfortable

juub TPT says:

Just play gasters theme over and over again

pclutch says:

This is me unintentionally trolling my whole family

David Jericho says:

The REAL way to ruin their day is to buy a handful of cheap tuners and decline Pro Coverage on all of them. >.<

discolemonade says:

Whats the song played at blues till i die?

Jack Vaughn says:

Bro I knew someone who genuinely does this to these songs you just played but because it’s all he knows on the guitar. I was in a band with him and I left it because it legit was all he knew and he would get angry if we told him to improve or finish the songs or learn different songs and then he would just smoke outside my house. Then he didn’t graduate high school, dyed his hair red and became an edge lord memer

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