8s vs 12s Electric Guitar String Challenge!!

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There’s a lot of guitar folklore about players like Stevie Ray, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Gibbons & the like, as to whether or not the string gauge they used really contributed to their unique tones. So we took a Les Paul & a Strat, whacked some extra light/extra heavy strings on them & we compared the tones…
The Les Paul is a Les Paul Classic & the Strat is a modded Squier Classic Vibe.

Lee & Rob

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aaron flores says:

13:35 killed me. Lmao

Trent Lang says:

SRV was the only person who could bend 13s two and a half steps up easily

Arthur Morgan, Formerly 4th Chairman says:

I used to use 13's on my acoustic, once, because damn were they tough to play. Chords did sound amazingly good tone wise though. For my electric I'll stick with 10's, perfect balance, like 12's on an acoustic (though since the last set up and the fact 11's were put on and I simply got used to them, I play with 11's on my acoustic now. Bear in mind we are talking about a big arse dreadnought).

MattMutts DogCare says:

Anyone gonna talk about the fact that the captain is playing a squier

KennySNAX says:

Jimi always wins in my heart

Luke Schiffer says:

great example of tone is in the fingers

Riley Peak says:

you guys forgot to talk about scale length, and how is relates to string gauge

Lonnie Paton says:

Rick Parfitt used 13-56 strings

James Starter says:

Heavy gauge strings don't sound right on a strat.. to muddy

kiltedarcher says:

Bonamassa is on record using 11s, same for James Hetfield (another Jimmy)
I dont really consider those ultra heavy but I like the feel of heavier strings

RastaSaiyaman says:

I've been using D'Addario 011 sets for 25 years and counting, previous to that I used Fender Dynamaxx strings because they were affordable but they lost their tone pretty quickly and ate into my finger tips.

One day I read an interview with Vernon Reid and he mentioned using D'Addario 011's and I went "I love the way he plays and if those are good enough for him…" bought a set and have been using them ever since.

RastaSaiyaman says:

There was this anecdote coming from Ted Nugent when he guested on a show of Stevie Ray Vaughan and was handed one of SRV's strats and couldn't bend a string to save his life.

SRV came over and looked at him with a "Wazza matter, can't play that thing?" look in his face.

Tarrell Freeze says:

The sight difference in tone isn't worth all the finger strain and torn calluses. Besides, with a little EQ adjusting, you can make the difference even less. Just add a bit more bass and cut a bit more treble. Billy Gibbons, for instance, uses no treble at all! And yes, fatter strings do warble less but unlike SRV, who used to have to super glue his calluses back on, I'm not into suffering for my art that much. Rock On!

Ken Fernsler says:

SRV had great tone for his style of music. You know it is his him from the 1st note. Same with a great singer, tone is more important or a unique tone. That is why guys like Steven Tyler, Axl Rose, Brian Johnson were and still are popular. They all have a unique tone that set them apart. Ive always liked Steve Via's live tone and slash and David Gimour. I thought the 8's added a lil high end and sounded better.

Sircumsczixszyo says:

Editor, Editor, Edito.

Dale Layton says:

Buddy guy using a 11g or 10

jordan secrist says:

I always bought custom sizes. Cause I thought I was cool.

Bull Durham says:

BB King always said he liked lighter strings because, "Why would you want to work so hard?"

BOTiTTE says:

Dick dale uses really heavy strings aswell. That great thick surf tone.

Jane Palpatine says:

oh my god, how dare you not think SRV had the best tone in the universe, HOW DARE YOU have a differing opinion from me I am unsubscribing from Andertons, good day to you Rob Chapman.

Dale Layton says:

Robin trower

Dale Layton says:

Kenny waney sheaper

Prodigy Parrish says:

Zakk wylde uses 12s

Nick Coulman Productions says:

Brian May actually plays 9's

CaptainOakleaves says:

lee's tones with that strat were kinda crap in this video

shovington67 says:

Honestly, most of the tone considerations your talking about can be sorted out with tunings and amplifier equalisation. For people on a budget, thicker strings last longer! For people who rip on the fret board, light strings make it a little easier. It ends up in the realm of semantics.

Scott Schmitz says:

I believe Slash uses 11’s. That said I don’t believe there’s a drastic tonal thing that can’t be compensated for anyway. As I get older I’ve dropped to 9’s because of arthritis. You can’t tell the difference in anything I record but I can bend and shake without pain longer now

Ben Sagal-Morris says:

I believe randy rhoads also used heavy strings.

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