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Greensleeves Guitar Song Lesson
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Sad Angry Guitar Piano Strings Instrumental Beat #5
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Backing Track: Circle of 5ths Video: Chords Scale Video: Relative Minor Video: Going over a good way to spend your time practicing guitar in a musical way. You’ll end up testing [More]
Expert musician Franklin Taggart demonstrates how to play a E 7 chord on the guitar.
Dan and Justin Hawkins visit the island – they are electric guitar players and the sound they make is really noisy! Zak is thrilled by this. DJ explains that electric guitars are loud so that [More]
Download Electric Guitar Samples: Features: – 106 electric guitar licks – 22 midi files – Ballad-rock vibe – Dry & mastered versions – Major and minor scale melodies – Size after unpacking: 792 mb [More]
Guitar: Ibanez MTM-2 Ampli: Marshall MG50FX Boss Metal Zone Distortion Pedal Have Fun 🙂
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