Check out my website 😎 This is a video I made to teach how to read guitar tab. I’m trying to make my website more complete and it occurred to me not everyone knows [More]
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This time I try to tackle Through the fire and flames by Dragonforce. I hit so many hard parts. However the shoe got revenge. — Watch live at
Mooer Green Mile Guitar Pedal Review – Like Tube Screamer – Neal Walter Guitar Tricks
Get the Guitar Pro, tabs, backings and instructions here: More Sinisa Cekic lessons here: More scales lessons: Scales covered in this lesson: Intro – 00:04:48 Major natural – 00:05:17 Minor natural – [More]
Let’s set the way you hold your pick…This video holds a great guitar pick trick for you. The guitar pick trick is you want to have your finger curl around it. If you were to [More]
[00:00:00]- There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back [00:03:22]- Perfect [00:07:46]- Closer [00:10:55]- Something Just Like This [00:14:36]- Payphone [00:18:32]- 24K Magic [00:22:24]- Let Me Love You [00:25:49]- Treat You Better [00:28:47]- Stitches [00:32:19]- Love Yourself [00:35:53]- [More]
My first video and first shot. Few mistakes here and there… Nice piece to play anyway 🙂 Not my own arrangement. Link to the tab Download Link File:
The Eagles – Hotel California guitar solo lesson with lick-by-lick demo and link to tab
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Here is my progress throughout my first three years playing the electric guitar! I started playing guitar in January 2016 as an adult beginner and I’ve been entirely self-taught through the help of the internet. [More]
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