A Better Way to Learn Major Pentatonic on Guitar

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Major pentatonic is probably the most commonly used major key scale, so it’s a good place to begin with scales.

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But even if you’re already familiar with the scale, this lesson will go further than simply showing you fingering patterns. It shows you how to apply the scale musically and intuitively.

The process outlined in this video and on the lesson page will help you to develop your improvisation and composition skills, so you’ll know how to make music with the scale instead of wandering up and down aimlessly.

Be sure to get your backing tracks, exercises and diagrams on the lesson page…




these are the lessons i needed starting guitar 20 years ago. but no one was good enough to make things this clear.

Jessie Ward says:

Hey my friends,I’m a beginner and I’m wanting to only learn Slow Instramental Blues with my Electric Guitar, Without learning Chords where do I start one Single Picking Blues ??????

Frank Hickman says:

Thanks, great path and sequence to follow.

Time Tracker says:

Made me to subscribe. Cause this Vid lesson as well as in the web, I find the most best lesson ever.. And Im sure I don't need any other lessons…

Jossy Beth says:

Excellent presentation!

Keith McCormick says:

This has been the best explanation of scales I’ve seen on the UTube! Great job!

Micronutrient Deficiency #1 says:

Mann guitar chord inversions are so difficult

Mike Porter says:

the best on the net.

Adam K says:

This was AMAZING!!!

Don Lawrence says:

I've been playing for 51 years and I hear and feel the scales. I am an accomplished guitar player. However, I don't really know the scales to identify what I am really doing. These lessons are a Godsend. What an eye-opener! LIek taking blinders off. I've been playing scales but now I am starting to see them.

The Wolf Comedy says:

WOW. This blew my mind. A clear and comprehensive method to see the fret board clearly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This will make solos and all music easier to approach. This is a true decoder. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Xavier Bishop says:

Excellent lesson for music theory novices. It connects the dots and allows me move forward w/ my play. Can't wait to put this valuable knowledge to musical use. Well done.

Gabe Basmadjian says:

As a beginner, this is by far the best video ive seen

ono 724 says:

Those examples sound a lot like Vangelis!

llegoelmambo says:

Why is this the same scale as the A minor pentatonic? is it because of the similarities between the root chords?

Marcel Davis Sr says:

Hi fretjam great lesson. Explained very well and easy to understand. That why I subscribe to your channel. Your teaching method are very easy to understand for Intermediate guitarists. One thing I didn't understand. When explaining the major pentatonic scale. There was a W and WH , can you please tell what was that. I replay your lessons and is learning music theory. So this helps me to get advice in my beginners music theory class. Thanks and please keep doing a great job. Because you have so for have the best explained YouTube music theory channel. ???

Hippy Gumbo says:

My second pentatonic search and me feels that I have struck gold! ; )

Michael Briggs says:

7:01– makes me want to listen to Marty Friedman's album Scenes haha. Great stuff man!

Escape the Matrix says:

Man, I wish I had found this channel about 45 years ago when I started playing guitar. Wait, the Internet, as we know it, wasn't here yet. Better late than never, I guess. 😀

H Kay says:

Superb teaching.Superb channel.

Nawaraj Shrestha says:

thank you sooooooo much…

Mike Hermosa says:

Easier said than done

im annonymous says:

this is actually helpful…im suprised no offense

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