AC/DC "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" Guitar Lesson

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Marty Music says:

Thanks for watching MartyMusic! Also free courses at my site

Noah Thomasson says:

Please do a lesson on acdc’s, rock and roll ain’t noise pollution!

Moron &moron sports says:

Marty could you do kickstart my heart by Motley Crue, or Wango Tango by Ted Nugent?

rock roll says:

More Mississippi style blues such as Willie brown of Robert johnson

Dan Jossund says:

Hey Marty great lesson as always! Could you do one on Beating around the bush? Thanks

Tristan Burns says:

Just gotta say, as I beginner I love your lessons. It’s great to be able to play recognizable songs thanks to you Marty!

Coral Gregson says:

Hi Marty..please could you do a lesson for "the greatest show" from the greatest showman?

Scoobidy Bop says:

I would absolutely love for you to do a tutorial on Poplar St. by Glass Animals! I know it may not be an outrageously hard song, but I can't find any videos on it! Love the videos, they're a great help!

Nylon405 says:

Grow the beard out Marty!

mike regan says:

Marty. What pedal are you using and what's the setting??

Andrew Greer says:

Play rabbit down the hole – by billy talent

Jude Designs says:

Could you do a tutorial for “Owner of a Lonely Heart” by Yes? I’d love to learn that from you!

Maluca Sensacional says:

Awesome lesson. Please more Tom Petty songs!

John H Curtis says:

Awesome pick man keep it up, the lessons are always trustworthy.

MrLayne54 says:

Banded Clovis by Tyler Childers

nancy denis says:

Hey Marty, for guitar Tuesday can you talk about the vox ac30 or a similar product pls and thanks

HunterHasNoFriends says:

It'd be awesome if you could do "Roundabout" by Yes. I can only find the intro.
Thanks man!

EvsBox24 says:

Can you do By the Way by RHCP there isnt really anything out there on youtube on how to play it? Thanks

opgevist says:

Yeaaa AC-DC, love iT marty awsom Tutorial

Mahdista salman says:

This is a great tone Marty

Wojtek Karol says:

Marty!!!!! You should teach us Shallow by Lady Gaga, and Bradley Cooper I think! It's such a great song.

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