All the guitar note names – learn the names of the guitar frets in 4 easy steps

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Updated version.
This guitar lesson explains in 4 easy steps how to learn and remember the names of all the frets on your guitar neck, in other words the complete fretboard. You can learn to understand the basic concept of musical note naming and then learn how this remember the fret names on the neck of your guitar. Finally you will learn several easy to remember patterns that allow you to relate the notes you have learned to the frets on the neck of your guitar.

The printable eBook with charts for this guitar lesson and more can be found at;

How to remember the names of the notes on your guitar in 4 easy steps.

Step 1 – memorize the names of the guitar strings
Step 2 – memorize the names of the notes on the bottom E guitar string
Step 3 – memorize the names of the notes on the A guitar string
Step 4 – learn octave patterns and how they work on the neck of your guitar

Once you have learned to name the frets on your guitar you will always be thankful. If you want to understand guitar theory or learn to read music and understand music theory, this lesson will be invaluable to you in future years. But if you don’t want to learn to read music or understand guitar theory or music theory, it is still essential to know the names of the notes on at least the bottom E and the A string.

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Reza Arman says:

Thanks ?? very very much

Kaushik says:

Very Nicely Explained !! Superb. Thank You

Gonzalo Lozano says:

I really appreciate it. I watched a lot of videos about the topic and I couldn't understand until I came across yours…… boom! I got it even before I watched the update. a simple and clear way to solve such a problem for newbies like me….. thanks a lot.

Kendrick Harrison says:

This video is amazing! There should be zero dislikes.

alpha riders says:

By far the best I have found, detailed explanation of notes.??thank you…

Chris Peña says:

very clear teaching,thank you!!?

Phil James says:

Clear and concise … as always. Cheers Gareth!!

Shailesh Purohit says:

Wow you are amazing now I know all the notes and that way you describe is was wonderful thanku so much

Andy Seal says:

Very clear teaching. thank you.

Warren Blanchette, Jr says:

Great lessons …love it

Richard Silva says:

I am very grateful to you for your lessons. Bless you and your family ??

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