Amazing Guitarist at Guitar Center

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Chris Peeler is a very nice guy that makes his own guitars which will go on the market very soon


Night Owl says:

Awesome ?


That's my Bru Chris Peeler. He has slot of vids on here. Chk them out. He was this good when he was 18!


can u play cliffs of dover??shreds it perfect then says "not really" wow!

Crocodile Nation says:

Eddie Van Halen stuff

George Gibson says:

Black although by the sounds he plays probably never heard of bb king?

Starfoxmaster says:

Nice of you to record on your ti 85


shredder at heart

Frans van den Berge says:

Such an amazing sound. That burst on that guitar is beautiful

Tyler Withers says:

This gets tiring

Pig Benis530 says:

Nice. Love this movie with ralph macho

Will Duwe says:

This is crap, 12 year old stuff

Anthony Goines says:

Great player

Cold Roses says:

Beast of a player! Cheers bro

Anthony Perales says:

I hear Steve vai and Eddie Van Halen and a bunch of 80s 90s shred

Josh Pierce says:

George lynch taught Al Sharpton how to play

Greg Johnson says:

Awesome,even some Yngwie!!!

John Heater says:

Holy crap! Amazing playing!!

Slack says:

close but no cigar IMO

Mas Hari says:

not bad. but can he play trombone?

carl says:

this is the kind of guy that goes into guitar center to just try to show off and just looks like an ass.

Greg Pace says:

Some of these comments are cancer.

powerbylight futureisnow says:

Got me practicing. Great tone and great lessons learned from a great day of music.Thanks

marco abreo says:

I thought black folks only played bass tho.

dshibbs1027 says:

Yeah but can you play smoke on the water?

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