Ambient Acoustic Guitar – Forever – (Live in Studio) – Jamie Dupuis

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Hey everyone! Here’s an older original tune, I performed this one in a studio with a Timberline acoustic guitar! Check out their guitars as the play and sound great!


timothy hardee says:

Very beautiful Jamie. Thank you for sharing this piece.

David Farezoco says:

What a beautiful piece of music Jamie, very peaceful & relaxing!

Сергей Хлабыстоа says:

Красивое и серьёзное произведение :)))

TheFabulousTodd says:

While you were playing, I imagined stepping outside on a warm Summer night, looking up at the stars, and hearing this. Thank you.

Ken Jett says:

Jamie you know i use my music knowledge to praise and critique. Your skill is among the best but this could be better if your arrangement would have a smoother flow between your transitions. Otherwise this is a absolutely beautiful piece and loved it greatly. You know a piece of music has done its job when it affects the listener emotionally. This does!

Greg Motta says:

Beautiful and video is great quality
Thanks for sharing

Robin G says:

So nice to listen to after a super hard day….thank you!

stevesmola1 says:

Beautiful and tranquil. What an amazing sounding guitar. Well done. You have mastered your art flawlessly.

Andreas Widegren says:

Beautiful song!! Your repertoire is priceless man…

OneGenericName says:

Sweet and smooth and gentle to the ear. Kudos!

Ron Case says:

A nice relaxing performance!

Ochir Nema Chap says:

I cant say anymore than you are the BEST…

blueman4444444 says:

Another hectic day at work but listening to this chilled me out for a bit before diving back into work again.

Luis Alberto says:

Gracias! ?

Rulskełę says:

Its kurwa beautiful.

Just kidding, cheers from Poland!

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