(April Fool's!) Top 6 Guitar Strings | Marty Schwartz

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If you’re like me, you probably play all the strings on your guitar. But have you ever thought about which one is your favorite? Probably not! But don’t worry, Marty is here not just to mention himself in the third person, but also explain to you which guitar strings are the best, and others that aren’t so much. So get into standard tuning and get ready to countdown the top 6 guitar strings.

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Marty Music says:

Have a great day! Also, you can get a bunch of free courses at http://www.MartyMusic.com

Rob Swarbrigg says:

Thought this was gunna be about string brands

Scat Cratch says:

My favorite is probably low E

Palmdale Monty says:

Please stop doing this forever.

Blue McDaniel says:

G is the worst. E is the best.

Eddie Gonzales says:

Make a video for how to play live and let die guns and Rose's your videos are awesome definitely learned a lot from you

Spognate says:

my favorite guitar string is the W string

SuperTradie 101 says:

I thought he meant guitar string brands. What a surprise.

Charlie Deuter says:

Plz do a first world problems by chance the rapper lesson

Lance White Eagle says:

Haha, I got excited thinking this was going to be your picks of string brands

felicia barrett says:

you sir are awesome . thank you for every single video . I can honestly say I learned more from you in the last few months than I learned in 10 years from other sources . I watch 2 or three of your lessons every day . seriously man thank you.

Pillot says:

This made me laugh.

Brandon Smith says:

6 high e
5 g
4 a
3 b
2 d
1 low e metal for life!!!!

Urathamax says:

"Are there any we missed? " ? Brilliant.

Clay Troutman says:

G string is how I play my solos

Nathan Wellman says:

Haha someone litaraly playing a g string LOL

BayAreaBlues says:

My least favorite is Hendrix's E flat string.  Damn thing is always tuning to E!!!

Brett Midd says:

My personal favourite would have to be the G string. Walking on the beaches looking at the peaches ?. Keep up the good work Marty

Seth Weitman says:

Hahahahah the best

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