BB King breaks a guitar string in the middle of a performance, but…

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BB King breaks a guitar string in the middle of a performance, but…


Coldgloom says:

The UNDISPUTED king of the blues.

Sheldon Miller says:

2:37 lol at the white dude clapping on 1 and 3

Zach Morgan says:

White folk crowd.

Nestor Chavez says:

This man can save the world.

Pampuzo says:

El puto amo

Jack Bradbury says:

He can’t sing and play guitar at the same time but he can sing and RESTRING a damn guitar at the same time

dirt man says:

i am amzed he could restring a guitar while performing, that's insane, he was showing off xD

James says:

haha, he doesn't give a fuck, he's just loving what hes doing and being professional about it.

TheCreepingDeath1984 says:

His vibrato jesus

Gentleman1S3 Twitch Highlights says:

I love this man? he looks so happy

Emily Blesk says:

what a legend

Jon Trejo says:

He hard plucked the fuck out of those strings he always snapped one

John Candycorn says:

Man's got so much power in him he coulda finished the performance with three less strings and a blown amp

Izzat TheArtOfClassicIndonesia says:

0:14 accident happen. You can see the expression of that guy with that hat

Blind Roach says:

A man doing what he loves, and loving what he's doing.

Jerk My Crank says:

He had an ear for every single note! King will always force a smile across my face.

Rex Ryn Uloly says:


Thomas says:

How cool is that !?

Atomics says:

"Oh what a racist world this is!"

Uhm excuse me… 2:39. That's all.

flip arachi says:

Broken string #9182 I'm sure he can do it in his sleep…

tarm skölj says:

He sucks. ohh he can say a few words while he restrings his guitar, wow. People call that talent. Also he plays one note over and over again, that does not take any practice.

N0lix says:

How this song is called?

Silverback says:

Men can't do 2 things at the same time bla bla bla….

Dr. JazzMan1 says:

I’m wondering how in the world did he know how to restring a guitar?

jojorobino5312 says:

Bb King plays such simple yet beautiful riffs.

Лев Парицкий says:

Ааа, какой же он крутооой!!

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