Beginner Acoustic Lesson 1 – Your Very First Guitar Lesson – Eminor and A sus2

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Marty Music says:

Thanks for watching! I have a NEW Beginner's Course right here:

Mr. Pickls says:

1:44 first hump huh

starlette says:

I played the violin for about 4 years now so I wanna switch some stuff up!

Jacob Ryan says:

I found this video very useful!

margahalka says:

thank You for my first lesson

Linnbart says:

I've watched all of the videos in this series but I don't know how to progress from that. Anybody got some tips on how to improve myself or what do play/ learn now?

AfriKanO O says:

A beginner I love music have a big passion about music I connect to music I love the vibe I’ve been singing since diaper days & now I’m a teen bough a guitar two days ago to have a little tune with my singing and this HELPED when I first got it all I was doing was stroking the strings ??❤️ thanks you are appreciated wish you were my teacher here !

Xknlion R says:

I come from a family where all the men play the guitar and the cuatro. I'll be the first woman learning to play the guitar ( crossed fingers,) this year. Thanks for sharing your videos.

Marc Andary says:

Helo marty how are u thank you for this video and i have some questions for u does the quality of the guittar matter and can u make videos about how to play some songs thank you again so much

troy kyser says:

I find it easier to flip my fingers for example I put my middle finger on the second fret on the A string and my index and the D string. Is this okay or do I just to figure it out the other way?

kenmhsc says:

I have kids for 7 & 9 years old. Are they too young for learning guitar? Do you have any recommendation for buying a guitar for beginner? Thanks a lot!

Cassie D says:

Great tutorial and links! Thanks!

TheGamingBananaPig 223 says:


Matthew Carter says:

Eddy ate dynamite goodbye eddy xD

Toby Tyler says:

Thank you so much my 7 year old daughter and I learned a lot…easily.

Howe Music Tuition says:

Get a NYLON STRUNG (classical/Spanish acoustic guitar) for absolute beginners. Much softer/easier on the fingers and hands and you will improve much quicker. Also 5 minutes every day and keeping your guitar/music out is great advise .

Daniel Prumucena says:

Whats the name of the 1 cord?

Brady Brewer says:

Marty . Good lesson. I keep muting the last e with my hand. Any tips on how to avoid this? Just don't play that string? Lol? Not sure I have big hands.

Zashuie says:

This is how Jesse #James from NZ learned to play guitar, now he's a star in the hood

Joaquim Neto says:

It looks like so easy! Lol

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