Beginner guitar scales – The major scale

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Learn how to play the major scale, one of the important guitar scales that a guitarist should learn. For more help on guitar scales visit or visit to learn how to play guitar.

Guitar scales are really useful. They are good for hand coordination and strength and they also form the building blocks for solo and basic guitar play.


ryan sequeira says:

Thank you, I went through atleast 10 videos to understand this information.
Very simplified and exact.
Highly grateful.

Ashley C says:

Memorized the whole thing in 5 minutes and got it down Thank you !!!

Larry the Lobster says:

If I apply this same scale pattern to any key then theoretically I'm playing on key and can therefore play solos in any key using this major pattern?

Isaac JOE Romero says:

Hey great channel. I'm a player and when I took up the challenge of teaching it was this channel that has helped me the most and ill be honest there's more to teaching than I thought. So your teaching me how to teach and I'm teaching new people how to play! Help me with this this part of teaching guitar
There is theory and I'm solid there buy I'm having trouble explaining the nuances of playing! For instance asked- "on a solo how do I know when To go from one note the next? Or how do I learn to play play fast( that's I got down) or when do I develops my tone, I want to sound like Clapton and Hendrix with a little Jack White! " That was exactly what a student told me today! I had to hit him with this " well that may be possible for jimi to sound like jimi! Eric to sound like Eric and Jack well lets see what he does but your RICK(not my students real name) is always gonna sound like and be Rick and your just gonna be Rick covering a jimi or Eric or jack white song! Please be smart pay your royalties and don't steal others sings or styles please be Rick cause out right stealing is hard to live with! Then very loud I said " So Rick show me the slow hand vodoo shakin blues style you got! Lets see you play a pentonic sale in G major there's sings by all those guys that they needed that scale for! "And I messed with him til the point was home. At the end he was down so I told him " for where your at your the best student I've ever had!" its true he's my third student ever!! He's 15 one kid is 9( he's gonna be good has a ear, told me to "tune up the other day that my high e was flat." and I didn't think about it was at 443 and I laughed my ass off!And I have a young lady that's a classical player and she's my biggest concern. Never played that style often but my theory is sound but I am learning so much! Its great being a beginner again bit explaining the nuances are difficult! Any advice is nice!

lai Jai says:

I still can’t understand it

lai Jai says:

I watched this five times and

Ritesh Rokade says:

Easy and quick….good content

bob warner says:

excellent…..finally someone diagraming the notes as one would play them…more like right side up to me…..but we all are different……but we all will end up on the same page if we keep at it

Aliquo says:

Great explanation of the scale. Thanks!

IN3 says:

Good video ,to the point.

Andreas Kilian says:

I play this beginning with the middle-finger. Is this wrong?

prettycoder says:

Lovely Video! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about – Riddleagan Blossoming Solo Remedy (do a search on google)? It is a smashing exclusive product for mastering guitar scales minus the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin got great success with it.

Heidi E says:

Thank you for investing your valuable time to show us, the BEGINNERS,  the easy way to understand the scales.  I just wish that all the negative people would just move on to the sites that work for them.  Youtube offers endless options for all kinds of people.  If something does not work for one person, it does not mean it does not work for others.  If you do not like it, move on to sites that work for you.  Let the rest of us enjoy and learn from our chosen presentations.  Better yet, instead of judging, why don't all the complainers invest their valuable time and teach the world their (BETTER WAY) of doing things.  I am tired of all the judgers.  Instead of judging, present your better version.  Thank you LEARN GUITAR NZ.  I learned something new today.

Lucy Luu says:

It was a little fast but all I had to do was pause the video

breeze787 says:

Very nice! Thanks for doing this. I have a new resolution to try to understand music. I'm going to try to achieve what may be extremely hard for me and that is to apply music understanding to 7 instruments. 1 for every day of the week. Sun-guitar, Mon-ukulele, Tues-Piano, Wed-Harmonica, Thurs-bamboo sax, Fri-drums, Sat-recorder. Wish me luck!

Jose Orellana Rachil says:

Excellent Video! Excuse me for butting in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you researched – Riddleagan Skillful Playing Remedy (just google it)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for learning complex guitar chords and become a pro minus the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my work colleague got great results with it.

Jam Handy says:

The blues "Pentatonic" scale is FIVE notes ("penta = 5"…) not 6…

Zack Duncan says:

thanks for the help.

Harold Vietti says:

Thank you. This was very helpful.

LLCooLM595 says:

thank you so much! this is the first scale i learned, and this video made it super easy to learn. thanks!

DragonboltBlastter says:

Very helpfull!

x y says:

the colour coding is helpful – but it  would be much easier to read this from left to right…

Mark miller says:

This is just my opinion but I prefer the short versions of teaching videos like these when teaching scales, if it's longer than 5 minutes, I lose interest

celumusa mkhaliphi says:

I wish to learn a guiter who can help me

Brad Wilkins says:

It is hard to follow this up side down.


Mister Starr says:

That was way to fast and confusing. All I heard were numbers and letters that make no sense to a beginner guitar player like this video is supposed to aimed at

Thickerspartan says:

I gotta say thanks for these videos I think I FINALLY made a crack into understand scales

star sign says:

Thank you, this was extremely helpful! i'm embedding it into my memory. It's not upside down but it was a bit fast.. 

Joel Charron says:

Ugh why is it posted upside down… i re wrote it from left to right…

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