Beginners First Guitar Lesson – The EASIEST 2 Chords On Guitar

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Beginners First Guitar Lesson- free help + songs FREE: ►►

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In this beginners guitar lesson, I show you the 2 EASIEST guitar chords, E minor and A sus2. There are 2 songs we can play with these chords, which you’ll find here

This lesson is aimed at anyone who has struggled with lesson 1 of the beginners course. It should be seen as a first step, with the goal being to play along with me in the video- give it a go!

The 2 songs you can play with these chords ARE;
– Little by Little by Oasis (Verse only) 12:12
– Breathe by Pink Floyd 14:52

AS SOON AS YOU CAN DO THIS!- I really recommend moving straight onto Lesson 1 of the beginners course. There we cover 2 chords that you can play 10 SONGS with!

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Fagoon Bhuiyan says:

Damn bro Andy, If I knew the guitar was so easy, then I would have been a rockstar today. Though its not too late. i'm gonna start from today. Thanking you so much for the teaching us hardest thing in a easiest way.

Eloho Inibi says:

Andy Guitar thank u so much for your videos. Your a great teacher and am learning daily. Thank u

Jason Biswell says:

Awesome training. Very good at repeating the finger steps. I like how he shows it like ABC

Hayden Pigott says:

Thank you so much for this video! This is one of the first times I’ve ever played guitar and you really helped me learn! You are an amazing teacher!!!!

Diego Fernandez says:

You're awesome bro? thanks for the help!

tarunkesri says:

Put the cam on your guitar can't c unhelpful video

Bethany Trent says:

Do you have a comparable video/chord for children learners where their hands may not easily reach across to strings 4-6. My son is 8.

Parodykid 189 says:

I absolutely love this you helped me out so much dude thank you

lilly grace says:

You have been the most help so far thanks I mean it

vieni gesu3 says:

Mr. Andy. please help me and send me your e-mail on (, i have vital message i want to diccuss with you concerning my guitar lesson. THANKS

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