Best Drop B Songs…according to Ultimate Guitar

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In this week’s lesson, we check out the best drop B songs according to Ultimate Guitar!

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tom2bl says:

Reminds me of iron maiden. I wonder if that's what they used I can't remember

Matt Elrod says:

Payback by slayer is my favorite drop b song

Marion Kelly says:

Sound's tasty ! What amp do you using?

Life Of Chris says:

Get some locking tuners for that guitar pls

Kelsey R says:

Parkway drive. Enough said.

Mats Smits says:

Never any recognition for August Burns Red – Invisible Enemy 🙁

InputSilver9 says:

this is funny because there has never been a good song recorded in drop b

Piero Minaya Rojas says:

What about Dig or Death Blooms by Mudvayne

Creepy Mcpeepers says:

Hell yea I got drop b tuning right now on a bass woo ho more songs

Niall H says:

Every Soreption track should be on that list

DisturbedShot says:

Awesome video!!

Wyatt Williams says:

Oh skillet. How we miss decent Christian nu metal

Jüdäs says:

Ultimate Guitar has been disappointing me for almost 18 years….thank God their tabs are finally getting better but their articles and reviews have always been shit. Their app went full fuckin SJW Tard though recommending "Fight Songs" "Protest Songs" and "Songs of Peace" categories with pictures of ANTIFA….no fucking thanks

Devin LaCava says:

This list could've easily been just Parkway Drive songs

Big Daddy says:

where is smells like teen spirit lmfao

Real Yardie says:

Duality was off

Winston 2020 says:

I think it was missing
"Moment of Truth" by Damageplan

pitch black says:

Eeee peladoo

sbiz0soad says:

Forgot Parabola 😉

EBtG __ says:

Motionless in White Abigail

seth dufresne says:


Tycho van Donk says:

Faith Or Forgiveness by The Ghost Inside should be in here for sure

Андрей Кузьмин says:

Ещё хочу уууу блин ууу

Артём Лисняк says:

Man duality sounds so shit in your video.I mean chorus

Yagami Raïto says:

Duality is so overrated..

Al Chapo says:

Halo is one of the greatest songs ever. Drop B or otherwise

Joseph Bastidas says:

2:27 that face is priceless

Velocisaurusman says:

Duality was the only one I felt like deserved a definite spot

Sirius Gaming says:

How was that skillet riff on this list?!

Brady Galloway says:

Nice guitar.

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