Best Metal Scales | How To Sound Evil!

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This video is about the Best Metal Scales in existence. Learn the five most popular scales used in metal music. You’ll be sounding ultra evil in no time. I’ve also included licks for each scale. Grab the tabs below!

1. Aeolian
2. Phrygian
3. Phrygian Dominant
4. Harmonic Minor
5. Locrian

?Best Metal Scales Tab



?My Recording Gear:
DAW: Logic Pro X
Guitar Pro (tab software)
Multi Effects Amp Simulator: Line 6 HX Stomp
Mobile Multi Effects Amp Simulator: iRig HD2
My Recording Computer: Macbook Pro Laptop
Video Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X
Camera: iPhone X

Additional Gear:
Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro X, Guitar Pro 6, i-phone X, Ibanez Universe 7 string, Fractal Audio Axe Fx II, iRig HD2, Line 6 HX Stomp, Matrix GT1000 Power Amp. BlackStar Artisan 4×12 Cab. iMAC, macbook pro, John Petrucci picks, Mogami instrument cables, Shred Fingers from endless hours of toil.


10 :0 says:

Hungarian minor sounds pretty cool too

Ivanildo Cafu says:

Where is diminished and chromatic?

Kasbaoui Ilias says:

you forgot the Hungarian scale ! 😀

tigeroscarfan says:

cool video, that looks like ibanez uv777 guitar, i remember the last time i saw one for sale it was £1125, probably cost more now though.

bmclung says:

Yore tutorials are so educational AND entertaining at the same time ! I took music theory in college in late 80’s. Had a hard time understanding and making sense of it all, but kept the textbooks for future use and still have them to this day. I was a percussion major without much experience at all with keyboard or scales. My brother has been dabbling with guitar for a while now, but his background in theory is much more limited than mine, I’ve tried explains the things I DID absorb in college with limited success, but I’m going to turn him on to your videos, because they will do what I’ve been trying to explain to him, plus he and I LOVE SLAYER! ???! Think he’ll get a kick out of your videos and learn at the same time. Plus these bring back such great memories of college. Wish I would have dove into theory more seriously but in late 80s my thinking was “I just have to be seen by the right people and I’ll be on MTV “ next year”.
MTV, what the hell’s that?!? Smh… but that another story.
Anyway I love watching you’re videos, even though I’m just a metal drummer from way back , and I look forward to watching them every weekend and now NOW subscribed! Keep on cranking them out, so I can keep enjoying, and “ROCK ON”! ??


Talks about metal while wearing AC/DC cap, dude you rock..
Oh you expected a dimebag comment sorry fella(s)…

Hippy Hobo says:

I like all of them. I can't just pick one scale.

EzW says:

Locrian indeed

Putrid Abomination says:

I'm glad I subbed. The personality and the content is too METAL ????

Donnie Freymoyer says:

Harmonic minor

Brandon Guiher says:

Hungarian minor? I like minors… I play with them a lot more than I should… ;¤)

Jon Ruiz says:

Yo was that the Melee start button sound in the cut to you intro. Lol.

Ethan Hayden says:

Not locrian! Anything but locrian, it's power is too great for mere mortals to comprehend

adramelk44 says:

Damn I forgot how good Locrian can sound, it's so abstract…

John Stef says:

Jees there's a huge difference to the ear between Phrygian and Phrygian Dominant. You wouldn't think the sharp 3rd would make such a difference but it completely changes the colour of the notes after it. Good video man

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