Blues Guitar Lessons – The First Scale You Should Learn How to Solo – E minor Pentatonic Scale

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E Jam Track
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rhvTV originals says:

He said, "Open g-string!" lol

Robert Marler says:

Awesome as always , thank you

Jacob Drumm says:


SwiftBunnyOG says:

9:20 lmao

William Whitney says:

I want more of Wild Cherry

Alfido Fiqri says:

Your lesson is very good man! Thank you very much 🙂

Caine Hemphill says:

Sick vids Marty. They help a lot. Cracks me up how u get carried away playing. Great enthusiasm.

Owen Anderson says:

8:34 lol

David David says:

nice lesson

Jim Stone says:

Love you Marty ….Jim Hammond Louisiana..✌️✌️????

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