Alex wanted to learn how to play the electric guitar, so the Morning Crew went out and taught him! Currently, the level of craftsmanship in acoustic electric guitars is at the all-time high. The quality and consistency have been raised all across the board to near-perfect conditions. The different manufacturers have been taking [More] Click for more details! Click for cool guitar freebies! Become a Nail Guitar VIP while your there for secret tips and tricks lessons, updates of new youtube lessons and special offers on guitar [More]
I happened upon this fellow, who looks like a ZZ Top fan, and man could he wail on his Strat! Listen to him glide across the frets and pump that Wah Wah!
Electric guitar and a synth. You know, hip hop stuff. Not a very impressive video, but a pretty .My Facebook: If you like it and want to use it just contact me 🙂 Hip Hop [More] This a Plastic Tool you use when changing your electric, acoustic guitars. It also works with Banjo’s, mandolins and Pedal Steel Guitar. It fits in any cordless screwdriver and spins them on in minutes. [More]
Evolution Electric Guitar Stratosphere – Demo Performance
De-fretting My Headless Electric Guitar
Demystifying the restringing process for electric guitar. Part 2 of 2. Videos here are in parts – for free downloads of the full, uncut, high quality videos, go to checking out the ultimate electric guitar library from Vir2 for kontakt
Vol.1 Electric Guitar Essentials DemoNeed new shirts ?
Custom USA Fender Warmoth Electric Guitar
This is a guitar lesson and collection of licks and chords for electric blues slide guitar in Open D along the lines of Elmore James.
Learn about the Yamaha PAC112v electric guitar in this gear review.

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