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Guitar Modes Explained – Beginner Guitar Lesson
Headless guitar Matt Raines Ergonomic Guitar
Edward Lodewijk Van Halen est un guitariste de hard rock, né le 26 janvier 1955 à Amsterdam, aux Pays-Bas. Il fonda avec son frère, Alex Van Halen, le groupe Van Halen. Biographie Guitariste virtuose, il [More] . Sign up for the FREE secret-lessons at: . Work on your right hand guitar fundamentals in this guitar lesson. When practicing guitar, try to practice your left and right hands equally.
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French guitarist Bodo Show his amazing slap technics in a mix between “What It Is (aka Nina’s Song)” by the red hot chili peppers and “Mr le producteur” by Fish Bone Rocket. Enjoy the groove [More]
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Country guitar instrumental tutorial – Guitar Rodeo
So we all know that some guitar players enjoy fitting a camera onto their guitar neck, but what if a guitar builder fits a camera onto his neck ? hahahahahahaha ! Website: http://hufschmidguitars.comPlectrums: http://plectrum.chFacebook: [More] . Sign up for our secret lessons at! . Learn how to play dominant 7th guitar chords in this lesson! Dominant 7th guitar chords will add yet another chord to your repertoire as [More]
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