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Before hosting Radio Maliboom Boom, DJ Bernhard held a job at Coco Palm Marketing where he left a lasting impression with all of his co-workers. Listen to Radio Maliboom Boom here:
L’indifférence se doit de mourir. Nos souffrances apprennent à se taire. Nos rêves s’étouffent dans leur sphère. Mais je veux voir notre bonheur s’épanouir…. Sous la pression du monde, je chavire. Mon Amour, ton coeur [More]
I talk more about work and the moves that bosses often make which are detrimental to the workplace.
I talk a bit about gas prices. Then I talk about the problems of working weekends.
I talk about work and the local gas prices.
I talk about work as usual. – Computer Notes in Object orient Programming
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I talk about some tasks I forgot to do.
I give my rant about retailers having to work during holidays while management rarely has to work.
I talk about work , fuel prices and petroleum prices. Zip Notes lets you have any length sticky note you want with just a push of a button.

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