Guitar string note names are explained in this quick video tutorial. The guitar string names are as follows: E, A, D, G, B , and E. It is important to take the time to [More]
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This guitar lesson shows how to play the notes on the first string on the guitar. Mike Hayes of shows how easy it is for even beginner guitarists to unlock the fingerboard and play. [More]
Guitar Notes Master at – In this video I introduce Root Shapes which enable you to navigate from one note to others with the same name on the guitar fretboard. Learning these is vital to developing a good [More] – This is an extension on the 3 note chromatic speed picking exercise. Start on the 5th fret of your guitar and use your first three fingers. Alternate pick and move up the fretboard [More]
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Detailed explanation of 16th note counting or “Rhythmic Code” played slowly with a metronome, Tips on picking, palm muting, holding the pick, alternate picking, controlling the strings with pick. A great lesson for electric or [More]
Detailed explanation of 16th note counting or “Rhythmic Code” played slowly with a metronome, right hand finger combinations of i-m, m-i, m-a, a-m, i-a & a-i designed to create balance of tone and strength for [More]
Placing the Natural Notes on the Guitar in Standard Notation. Detailed explanation of the Musical Alpahbet, Whole Steps and 1/2 Steps, Tuning Notes, C Major Scale/Chord, A Natural Minor Scale/Chord. A great way to start [More]
The first real episode of Christmas Party Rampage.
Click on the link below for free classical guitar lessons and tips, plus much, much more: If there is enough demand I’ll make more parts and complete the series.
Easy pattern that lets you find any note anywhere on the guitar with almost no memorization.
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