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Modal Guitar Improvisation : BVwoodworks Headless Guitar
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August Rush- Dueling Guitars (guitar slap)
Looking for a professional electric travel guitar? The Strobel Rambler™ Electric Travel Guitar is a great-sounding, great-playing instrument that breaks down to fit in a computer bag or a briefcase. Simply loosen the top thumbwheel, [More]
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We build quality rockin blues vintage style electric guitars “98 Proof” and matching tube amps. BootLegger Guitar are designed in LA Calif. quality affordable. Home
Strobel Guitar Company began custom travel guitar manufacturing in 2003. Customers have their choice of exotic tone woods and finish colors, as well as neck shape and choice of fret board. The Rambler™ Custom Travel [More]
Guitar Hero Metallica- One Expert Guitar
Learn how to quickly and easily play guitar. Look the video. Go to: and get more information.
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Strobel Guitars built the first Rambler Custom portable electric guitar in 2003. It turned out so well, we went into limited custom production. We introduced the new affordable Rambler Classic Professional Travel Guitar in 2010. [More]

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