Cool (yet EASY) Guitar Tricks

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Bauss says:

lydian over E minor??

Chris Renner says:

My God man. Stop playing phenomenal, complex stuff and casually talking about it like "see how easy that is?" I watch every video, I like learning the technical side of guitar from you, but STOP BEING SO DAMN HUMBLE

felix o gaitero says:

I see floyd rose i click

eroticblack says:

E Min key is pure fucking love for a guitarist, and after that the A Min!

waako Barbie says:

That's the stupidest looking guitar I have ever seen!

Alvin Maulana says:

can you play yngwie malmsteen?

Joshua Nelson says:

can anyone explain the right hand muting for left hand open string hammer ons, more clearer for me?

Elisha C says:

How to learn electric guitar ?? Are there any lessons on YouTube?

wayne brown says:

Who vandalized that guitar with that puke green

Lindsey Yesdnil says:

I usually don't like colourful guitars, but i like this one

Gaël Gerber says:

Omg that intro ??

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