Dont Loosen Strings for Long Airplane Travel & Replace Them One at a Time / Ruben Diaz Tips Guitar

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Paco de Lucía vs Traditional Flamenco Guitar

*Ex.1/ 00:14 fragment of solo over “Convite”
Ex.2/ 01:26 (answer for the magazine)
Ex.3/ 10:49 fragment of solo over “Convite”

Humidifier & Hygrometer

How Often Change Strings

How to put the Strings On (Restring)

Humidity advises:

You should have a hygrometer (a simple one like this:
(*do not leave this sensor inside the case, it should be outside in the room you keep the guitar)

and only if it is under 40% humidity place (generally in winter time) the simplest humidifier in the head of the guitar case re-filling it with water every 2 or 3 days.

Here is the link for the humidifier:

How to Prepare the Guitar for Traveling

(Introduction to Stradivari , How Stradivari was an apprentice of his teacher Amati

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