DUELING BANJOS ~ Guitar & Banjo Song ~ Deliverance

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The Dueling Banjos scene from the 1972 American thriller film “Deliverance” by John Boorman.

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Valesca Wagner says:

Das hab ich als junges Mädchen im Radio gehört und die Grundmelodie NIE vergessen.
Endlich, ENDLICH hab ich es gefunden und kann es hören, bis ich satt bin.
Vielen DANK!!!

Gastón Sepúlveda says:

This scene would lead you to believe this is a happy movie…boy, you're in for a treat.

Kasey Eva says:

Good old country folk

Koldatt says:

Hell im from Maine, and in no uncertain tems might you hear this or something similar ringin out from a back porch or bush somewhere, especially up north.


Felipe F says:

The director found the most indicated guy for this movie.

anthrogend says:

In retrospect, the scene in The Office, where Dwight and Andy jam together to impress Erin, might've been inspired from this. Ed Helms talked about this movie on Conan and how it instilled in him the love for Banjo.

beatonthedonis47 says:

Trump country.

Antonio Harden says:

I don’t think you understand ..I want some drivers y’hear me

Powerful says:

This isnt how I remember the riff going. Is their another movie with a famous banjo riff

Floofer Derp says:

I love this scene. The guitars are just out of tune, and you can here the picking. This scene is wonderful

michael cranston says:

If this is the only movie you have seen set in new zealand i promise you all our towns folk are like this

Nick Peluso says:

When film making was an art form. Not the garbage we are subject to today.

David Austin says:

Wasn't it a local banjo player called Mike Huduck who actually played this song?

JD Kerr says:

Simple film bringing class into play – the working everyday man can't hang with the upper class visa versa – film is education. Learn from it.

courag1 says:

That banjo player is one talented guy as well as the guitarist. That boy brings more joy to this world than any of those who want to poke fun at him. If you asked me, those who don't have an ounce of human compassion are more handicapped than any other handicap common to mankind. They lack the ability to love. They are selfish and have only enough praise for themselves and those like them. And never in your life would they have the kind of talent that this boy has.

When you make fun of the handicapped, remember what I said and recover your humanity!

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