Eric Clapton Style Blues Turnaround – Blues Guitar Lessons

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Scott Liskiewicz says:

How can I transpose this same lick to other keys?

alwaysrockn2009 says:

Excellent video.

Joshua Rubin says:

Can you slow down and explain what you’re doing more? I feel like you’re telling us once then repeating without explanation and I’m trying to see your fingers on my phone, in reverse. I like how in the premium videos I purchased you slowly walk through each note and guide us 3-4 times in a “play along with me” style of teaching vs. a “watch, hit pause and copy” style video. The latter being annoying because it requires the user to stop and take their hands off their guitar

Jason Fedorke says:

Please do a Robert cray lesson!

The zooming Murphy says:

thanks so much marty! Because of you i can play enter sandman, and, crazy train! Keep up the good work

Trev Mathews says:

Marty!!! Love ya man. Can you do any Offspring? Anything off of Americana. Please! Love your work.

Tasty tasty says:

How do you get that tone??

Arthur Dayne says:

Can you make blues lessons for beginners?

Anton Schneider says:

Hey Could you show the secret of the *Malcolm Young guitar sound*? I think there are many people you would help???

Martin Jakobsson says:

Great camera!

Salvo Iacono says:

Can you make a video where you explain how to play some songs by marcus king?

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