Evolution of Music on Guitar (FINGERSTYLE)

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Hey guys! In this video I’ll show you the Evolution of Music (fingerstyle guitar), containing songs from 1680 till 2017. I hope you like it. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!

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hurted person says:

0/10 where is nirvana ??!

Avinav Sharma says:

Lost you at 1999. Could've included an early blues tune or a surf tune. Beautiful playing, though!

Eithanol says:

Where’s Francisco Tarrega?

JonasCringe says:

I missed Wish You Were Here

john eric santiago says:

Gymnopede ir what ever always calm my surroundings everytime i heard of it with mix emotion of getting a little sad. Haha

yusuf saputra says:

How many years you learn a gutiar like that

ISHAAN!! Gaming says:

WoW jij bent goed ik neem aan
dat je nederlands bent

อ่าน เพิ่มเติม says:

Could you send me a link to purchases "Take me home – Country road" tabs pls

Edit: song at 3:07

Binayak Jha says:

Tears in heaven?????????

Kua Danzskie says:

Man you played canon perfectly..

BUENO004 says:

bethoven é no piano

Sored88 says:

Its not the evolution of music but it is damn beautiful

xgyax says:

Bohemian rhapsody…

alex gatpandan says:

The frstone sounds like the soviet union

splapadapicus says:

white people are funny

Jimmy Kriegerson says:

Dust in the wind?

Jan Meckler says:

But why evolution guitar when so many songs you played there are written for piano? ?‍♂️

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