Fix This CRAPPY Guitar Solo!

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In this challenge Stevie has to react AND fix a horrible, crappy, sub-par, shreddy guitar solo. Will Stevie find a way to redeem this horrible shred!?

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didgeteria says:

When you feel a call to do something important with your life but still haven't quite found it..yeah..Emanuel dude , keep searching!

Andrew Faraday says:

I'm afraid my palm is now permanently embedded in my face due to the in-video sponsor block.

HeyItzOMG says:

New Richard Benson

Dick Steel says:

Dude you're so underrated..
I've been begging you for like the 4th time please plzzzzzzzzz make a small instrumental demo or something. I really really like your taste in melody and actually now that I think of it (Not to seem big headed or anything) I'm a damn good singer and have been told I sound like Dallas Green, so I would love to try and put lyrics to something you make. I'm being sincere. I don't really watch other guitar channels but I always watch you'rs in hope that you'll make something incredible. You're honestly a lot like myself (Born in 88'). I'm rambling sorry.
Anyway much love brother and I really hope you consider this cause I really think you can blow people's minds..honestly.
Much love and respect.

De Faz says:

Hey steve
Can you shred on Classic guitar???

Stéphane Hoareau says:

tuuuu du intensifies

Xy1976 says:

Always awesome videos. Probably that guy owns the "Fax sound" TM

dakaraius says:

To be fair, Slayer have been getting away with solos like this for decades.

filipe antonio says:

Guys! that is tom morello, pls respect his new way of playing the guitar…

Arcom_Zeraus says:

ST what is the name of the clasical song at minute 5:02?

mitch mclean says:

Stevie Ts solo at the end sounds like he's been studying Vito Bratta from White Lion lately

iTOD.iOS says:

what happen to your shirt dude?!

uzi94 says:

he plays so badly that Steve can't even replicate it XD

im seth says:

Do trolling guitar center videos man lol, your videos make my day!??????

MetalDad87 says:

Is he trying to connect to netzero on dial up?

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