Forging A Knife From Guitar Strings

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Air guitar is exhausting. Nickel wound guitar strings are welded with 1095 powdered steel to make a pair of blades. And maybe I get all juiced and melt faces with some shredded riffs. Maybe.

Rhythm Guitar: Steve
Bass Guitar: Steve Clone 1
Lead Guitar: This one is Steve, rhythm guitar is actually Steve Clone 2. No, wait, bass is Steve Clone 2 and rhythm is Clone 1? Oh no, am I a clone or am I Steve? Who am I? What am I? What have I done! OH, LORD, NOOOOOOoooooo!!

Special thanks to Jonathan Estep & Holden Murphey

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Green Beetle says:

The press is new. I hope to spare my joints a bit and do more damascus in the future! Thanks for watching. If anyone wants to join my air band just leave your qualifications in the comment section.

Francesco Muci says:

No way! It was 13 years ago when I said "I have this bucket of used strings, I want to make damascus out of it!" And as for my idea of a bariton electric guitar (yes, I am a luthier also), everybody laughed at me. Thank you for proving everybody (else) wrong! Oh, now the bariton electric guitar is being produced also, btw…

blaksword613 says:

I was fully expecting to like the first knife more but that second blade is TIGHT

Dr. Cannibaligula says:

Green Beetle is a gaht dayum true blue Merican Hero and if you aint sub-scribed well yew kin jyest git on outta these here internets, I forthwith pledge my air-axe to shred thine enemy's hair-sacs

taylor hall says:

Best ending ever

Gene Miller says:

I can’t even image what you would have to charge to make it worth making. I salute you my friend for the amazing work you put out. I swear I can feel the heat coming through the screen.

Burgess Forge says:

Gotten yourself a press I see good on ya bet that makes your life infinitely easier

ieshi akerman says:

Petition to call this knife The Nickelback

Jadon Leidig says:

Amazing build.

MegaHellstrike says:

Remember to tune the knife if it doesn't sound sharp anymore.

Ironcladkilljoy says:

I remember suggesting this a long time ago so your welcome everyone lol

Austin Randolph says:

Rather than using new strings, you could try going to a local musicians shop and to see if they'll give you their old strings. They would be corroded, but nothing a little acid/rust remover wouldn't fix. I would say that you could even use old piano strings, but I think those are probably brass/bronze wound like acoustic guitar strings.

trueherbsman says:

I resonate highly with your ideas sir (Y)

Shawn Withrow says:

The "dreaded rhombus"

Lord Baccus says:

Why did you not use Bass Guitar Strings for a more Pronounced pattern? =/

Ben 'Gobshite' Fisher-Merritt says:

Super cool! Man your grinds are next to perfect and free hand. Beautiful work man super glad to see a new post!

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