Glorious Day – Passion, Kristian Stanfill – Electric guitar cover & Axe-FX III, AX8 preset

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Electric guitar cover of ‘Glorious Day’ by Passion (Kristian Stanfill)

Guitar: Suhr Alt T (w/ Suhr Thornbucker pickups)
Amp/effects: Fractal Axe-FX III and FC-12 (recorded direct via XLR outs)


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Brent MacDonald says:

Top Gun ftw

Sobik John says:

Can u put the chord chart in the video so v can easily follow

Andre Bamidele says:

What chord grip are you using in the chorus?

Aaron Soots says:

I've been watching your videos for a long while and have to say I do hear the difference these fractal units have over the rest. It's more of a tonal signature than "better". Their tonal signature just has this way of sitting in the mix well. Your tone sculpting has also matured but I am having a hard time putting to words what I hear however it is something I note every time. I am happy with my Helix floor and get every tone I need out of it without much fuss now that I've used it for a year or so.

Tito V says:

At 2:45 you busted me picking my nose. :/

Abrahan Guatemal says:

La voy a tratar de sacar para tocarla en mi Iglesia

Abrahan Guatemal says:

Me encanta esa cancion, bendiciones y saludos desde Quito Ecuador

Jon Oz says:

I can never say it enough, I love your tones man! Awesome guitars too!

Justin Momin says:

It sounded awesome.

Bob Mitchell says:

Ha ha! You just had to add that lick in there, didn't you?! Epic!

Jessie Morris says:

that was great

Eric says:

WOOOWWW!!! Amazing tone again!!!

Ren Outlaw says:

how many times am i going to fool myself into thinking they actually used Drop D this time?

Stafford's Music Studio says:

Sounds really good thanks for Sharing

Dan Stanley says:

Not bad Satriani :p

Trevor Pister says:

Man that just sounds good.

john martinez says:

Hey Brian can you check out a christian band called for all seasons

Jonathan H says:

If I had a dollar for every Glorious Day video…

David Alvarez says:

First like 😀

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