Guitar 101 Part 1 Introduction to guitar

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Close for more free guitar courses, guitar lessons and a great community of guitarists to help you out or share your experiences with! Its also laid out a lot better than this video site! Membership is currently completely free and everyone who signs up now will never be charged so hurry, it might not last forever, but hopefully it will! Discover what the series is about and what you will learn in series 1 Ultimate Guitar Primer 101 Course. The guitar 101 complete beginner course has been designed to aid you master the skills you need before you start playing your guitar. Applies to acoustic and electric guitarists. Get rid of any bad habits before they start to come in, learn some chords for guitar, read tabs, chord diagrams and finally, take the Rex Pearson Guitar Exam at the end of the course to prove your ready for the complete beginner guitar course.


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