Guitar Center: The Pros & Cons – My Perspective

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Today I am sharing my thoughts and experience on the Guitar Center chain of music shops in the USA. I have been to numerous stores now across many states and I usually feel like each of the Guitar Centers are pretty much the same no matter where you go. There are some really cool things about Guitar Center too that we miss out on in Australia so this videos explains the positive and negative when it comes to this music shop franchise.

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intheblues says:

This is just my thoughts and experience with guitar Center shops as an Australian. Feel free to leave your thoughts and ideas below if I missed anything. 🙂 Cheers.

Chicago Dan says:

My brother and I are both left handed but we both play guitar right handed. I guess we got lucky.

Tommy Staley Jr. says:

I like Guitar Center

TylerPowell Music says:

Best Guitar Center I've ever been in, was the GC in Nashville. Humongous store with every type or brand of guitar that are moderately known. Great used section as well.


Rochester NY Guitar center blows !!! Kids no knowledge of gear … House of Guitars is world known !! And best !!

greatvanzinni says:

Their used stuff can be mail ordered. Don't like it? Return it to your local w/ no shipping. Sometimes their ratings on used are hit & miss.

Joe Brooks says:

GC feels they already have the lowest sale prices so they never get a discount on used, as for new, they might offer a 15% off etc they also "over pay" for used lol at 50-60% of the used sale price($1000 new is $799 used so 60% is $450-480 cash/trade) my problem with GC is no real variety. Its too corporate and I miss the small "mom and pop" guitar shops looking for a seal or hidden jem

Abraham Montgomery says:

Anyone learning to play guitar , don't learn it lefthanded. Even if you're dominant. Guitar is just as foreign to either hand, do yourself the favor.

Playing guitar lefthanded is just inconvenient for everyone. You, them, us, and once again, yourself .

Mark says:

You gotta lose that toy in your hand. It's really distracting.

Chelewynne says:

I was fine with Guitar Center and really enjoyed the in-store experience. Then about 8 months ago I ordered a new guitar and it was shipped to me in obviously used condition. No problem, 110 miles to our local store, exchanged in store and everything was fine. 6 months ago bought another new guitar for $1199.00 and received a used guitar again! This one with obvious cosmetic damage! $199.00 would have been ok, $1199.00 ? I don't think so. 110 mile, 220 mile round trip, another exchange and everything is fine. 2 months ago I bought a 12 string for $349.00 from GC online and, you guessed it, received a used guitar! This time the guitar was wrapped in bubble wrap and included heavily oxidized strings and worn frets. No tags, no warranty card, no amp cable, no factory box, no neck wrench. The only thing included was the buckle bumps on the guitar back and the finish wear/scratches on the front. 220 mile round trip to return for an exchange, but this time one of the workers acted like I should be happy with a beat up used guitar. He even asked what my problem was that I expected an exchange. Guitar Center was pretty good in the past, not so much now, just like in baseball three strikes and you're out. Bye Bye GC.

Corrupted Sage says:

I live in New Jersey and have been to multiple guitar centers and have had great experiences, and i have seen many different guitars in different stores. It just depend where you go or live in the United states

Nick Moore says:

Wow, they actually had 1 lefty in stock in the places you went. The one in my city carries ZERO.

warren g says:

Try GC Hollywood "sunset" you may find some non generic stuff………..

warren g says:

I went to guitar center to look at a sienna red strat. I asked the sales person to get it down and he didn't know what the sienna color looks like and there was 4 of them I had to explain to him about the color…….Then I bought a strat at GC FV and the sales person that sold me the guitar couldn't Figure out how to open the strat case as well as what side was up and what side down???????

thejoshbtv says:

As an American, guitar center sucks ass. Sam Ash is a much better big box guitar store. Although they both are pretty much responsible for killing smaller, quality music shops.

CakeMan says:

We don’t have anything like a guitar centre in the uk, it would be cool if we did, second hand music shops are few and far between, but they are definitely more interesting.
I would like to see more pedal effects , seems it’s always boss , Mxr and that’s it.

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