Guitar Hero 3 Welcome To The Jungle Expert 100% FC (360998)

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Welcome To The Jungle- Guns N’ Roses

2 points away from 361k. feelsbadman. missed third and fourth squeeze. Again, should have moved back a note on the third to fit the chord in, but I couldn’t care less

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Hokage BR says:

No tienes capacidad de tocar la música en expert

Hokage BR says:

Isto está en hard lo vídeo qie esta acelerado

fere ma says:

Me encanta ese Slash.

Helleno games says:

Gun,s roses

Gael super games says:

My game never loaded the music, but I can listen to this on YouTube 🙂

crispro 111 says:

No puedo hacer eso xd :,v

Steve Acree says:

Does this all take you one try?

Samantha Cheetah says:

Teur tehue tegue tevue

Josh Cruz says:

Oye por que elijes siempre a esa vieja que te gusta o que pdo

Crowm rf says:

Gta san andreas

José Fernando says:

Play Hill climb racing 2, please???

Fox Mulder says:

Well I tell you that is not expert… it´s only heavy a bit faster..

Abyss BlueSkull says:

This song was so popular, The movie Megamind included this song when Megamind and titan were fighting

Paul Dash says:

Es mi sueño desde que era pequeño

Javier Contreras says:

Esta canción me encanta

Nazza Martinez says:

Se rompe el culo todos los dias para hacer eso

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